Of wishes and paper cranes

Monday, March 28, 2011

The odd thing is, life happened and I'm not certain when I will be able to write again.

But here is to taking chances and making baby steps one day at a time.

Breaking away

Monday, November 2, 2009

I've moved -- somewhere.

To everyone who shared the highs and the lows of being (plainly) me and who braved reading through each daring, stupid, crazy (mis)adventure I've chronicled during the four years I stubbornly nailed my self to this little corner, I have nothing but the deepest of gratitude, and I wish you nothing but the best of (luck and with) what you are most deserving of.

"My Flip Flops and Notes" would have to be the boyfriend I have had the most difficulty in breaking up with but it's high time to break from the mold I've carved for my self through this blog, pick my head up and go on with what I choose to have today -- and what I hope to sustain until tomorrow. :)